Aura Endorphin Flow Breakdown

Aura Endorphin Flow Breakdown

Our friends at PricePlow have written an excellent breakdown explaining all the advantages of Aura Endorphin Flow. 

Check it out here:

"As its name suggests, this formula has some excellent nootropic support, which can help you focus and get motivated before your toughest workouts. Even the primary pump ingredient — Nutrition21’s Nitrosigine — exerts nootropic effects!"

"To key in on a few important doses so you know where we’re headed, Aura has 250 milligrams of caffeine, a clinically-verified 1500 milligrams of Nitrosigine, and 39% sodium next to 11% potassium! The latter is what’s extra unique here — Soul’s use of electrolytes to increase both hydration and vasodilation:"

Electrolytes With Osmolytes: A Powerful Solute-Driven Pump And Buzz

"One topic we frequently write about with modern pre-workout supplements is the use of osmolytes. Veteran supplement consumers will probably notice Aura Endorphin Flow goes heavy on electrolyte support – particularly sodium."

"We almost never see pre-workouts using such large doses of sodium, magnesium, and potassium. So the natural question is: Why did Soul Performance Nutrition make this design choice for Aura Endorphin Flow?"

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