Cayenne Pepper Fruit

Cayenne Pepper Fruit

Cayenne along with other chili peppers are mostly known for their spicy flavor but might also offer some health benefits. 

With their vivid coloring chili peppers, especially cayenne are packed with carotenoids, vitamins C, K, B6, and potassium.

It’s not a big surprise that some of the greatest health benefits are related to the peppers capsaicin content. Capsaicin one of the bioactive compound in cayenne and other peppers that give them their heat and spicy flavor. Some research indicates that capsaicin can act as an antioxidant that can help support a reduction in oxidative stress and inflammation. 

The antioxidant properties of cayenne could help support cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure. A study looked at populations that regularly consumed hot peppers and all cause mortality. They found that those who frequently ate them had a 13% overall reduction in mortality risk.

The capsaicin in cayenne can also help support the digestive system. Cayenne can promote digestive enzyme production that helps break down food and nutrients in the stomach. Proper digestion can help support beneficial bacteria and a healthy microbiome. 

Next time you add some spice to your meal you can feel good knowing your boosting your health as well.

We include cayenne pepper fruit in Essence Active Greens as part of the Digestion  and Absorption Blend to help support many of the benefits mentioned above.

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