The life blood of plants.

Chlorophyll is the natural compound in plants that give them their deep green color and absorb energy from sunlight to create nutrients. The darker green a vegetable, plant, or algae the higher the chlorophyll content.

Chlorophyll from plant sources can act as an antioxidant and support many health benefits. Some trials indicate that chlorophyll may reduce oxidative stress and damage caused by carcinogens. Intake of green leafy vegetables could increase antioxidant content circulating in the bloodstream. The beneficial impacts of chlorophyll on the blood stream could be due to its structure being very similar to hemoglobin and some data suggesting improved quality of red blood cells.

Similar to supporting oxidative stress chlorophyll can also help bind to carcinogenic compounds and help reduce their absorption later in digestion. Early research suggests this could be beneficial for supporting a reduction in DNA damage and potentially have an impact on occurrence of cancerous tumors. 

Although liquid chlorophyll is available it is probably best to get it from a whole food source. Foods like spirulina, chlorella, spinach, and kale will provide fiber, vitamins, minerals that chlorophyll on its own can’t.

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