Fitness Informant: "Oasis Midnight Dream For Deep Restful Sleep"

Fitness Informant: "Oasis Midnight Dream For Deep Restful Sleep"

Fitness Informant featured a great article reviewing our Oasis Midnight Dream formula, below is what they had to say:

"One of the most underrated parts of a healthy lifestyle is sleep. Sleep aids in everything from muscle recovery, to energy, to GI health, to mental health. You name it, sleep has an impact on it. Many of us are lucky to get 6-hours of sleep a night, and if we manage to get that it isn't 6-hours of good sleeps. We toss. We turn. We think. We check our cellphones. The fact is to be a healthier society, we need healthier sleep.

Sleep aids are a growing category due to the importance of sleep. Formulas range from a straight melatonin formula to a complex formula that helps put our mind at ease and keep us asleep. Soul Performance Nutrition Oasis Midnight Dream is a complex, but great, formula that will surely help you get the Zs you desperately need.

Currently Soul Performance Nutrition Oasis Midnight Dream is available in Passion Tea flavor only (spoiler: it is very good)."

Soul Performance Nutrition Oasis Midnight Dream

"Soul Performance Nutrition is a fairly new brand in the sports nutrition space, but they are putting a strong emphasis on quality formulas. The brand has an electrolyte formula, a greens formula, and now a sleep formula. All three are knock-out-of-the-park formulas.

Oasis Midnight Dream from Soul Performance Nutrition is certified banned substance free from the Banned Substance Control Group. This is huge especially for tested athletes."

"Soul Performance Nutrition Oasis Midnight Dream has components to it that helps you fall asleep but also stay asleep to ensure you get the quality rest you need to aid in all other important aspects like muscle recovery.

The formula starts with AjiPure Taurine at a full gram. Studies have shown that Taurine can actually increase sleep up to 50% based on dosage.

A massive dose of NuLiv Science’s Zylaria is used at a full gram. Zylaria aids your body in producing GABA from within, as well as increases the uptake of GABA. Zylaria is one of the best new ingredients in the sleep space that more and more brands are using.

VitaCholine is dosed at 625mg. Choline is used typically to improve memory and focus, but studies have shown that choline can also aid in REM sleep.

Schisandra Fruit and Seed Extract is dosed at 250mg. Schisandra is an adaptogen meaning it helps your body adapt to external stressors. Schisandra has been shown in studies to improve sleep quality and sleep duration through increasing GABA/Glu ratio.

Theanine is dosed at 200mg. This ingredient has been known to be the “relaxation” and mood enhancement ingredient. At 200mg it is a good dosages.

Ashwagandha (Sensoril), another adaptogen, is dosed at 125mg. Ashwagandha, much like Schisandra, has been shown in numerous studies to reduce levels of stress and improve overall sleep quality and wellbeing.

The last ingredient is AstraGin at 50mg. This helps with the absorption of the ingredients listed above.

This formula does not rely on Melatonin, which is an ingredient users can become dependent on. It is a quality formula with quality ingredients at optimal dosages."

Final Takeaway

"We have had a chance to use this several times and it is an AWESOME sleep aid. We will do a full review, but after several uses we can confidently say it works extremely well. You get great sleep, long sleep and do not wake up feeling groggy or sluggish. Soul Performance Nutrition did a great job on this one, and the dosage of Zylaria is the appropriate dosage to be used base on new info."

Original article quoted from Fitness Informant:

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