Nexus Peptide Complex Breakdown

Nexus Peptide Complex Breakdown

Our friends at PricePlow have written an excellent breakdown explaining all the advantages of Nexus Peptide Complex. 

Check it out here:

"Last year we covered PeptiStrong from Nuritas, one of 2023’s most interesting ingredients – certainly unparalleled in terms of the innovation behind its R&D.

In case you missed it, and don’t have time to read the full article, this peptide complex was isolated from fava beans, after artificial intelligence research tools identified its high potential for anabolic effects.

PeptiStrong is the first nutritional supplement to be discovered this way, and the overwhelmingly positive results it’s getting— both anecdotally and in peer-reviewed research— may usher in a revolutionary new era of AI-driven nutritional supplement research and development."

Soul Performance Nutrition Nexus Peptide Complex – Standalone PeptiStrong

"Since PeptiStrong’s basic mechanism of action is increasing the body’s ability to utilize dietary protein, it would make a ton of sense to pair PeptiStrong with a supplemental protein you already have on hand.

Note, however, that while PeptiStrong has shown up in a number of cutting-edge multi-ingredient formulas, we haven’t been able to buy a PeptiStrong-only product…that is, until now.

We’re excited to tell you that Soul Performance Nutrition has released a standalone Nexus Peptide Complex, which is a standalone PeptiStrong."


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