Nova Immune Renewal Breakdown

Nova Immune Renewal Breakdown

Our friends at PricePlow have written an excellent breakdown explaining all the advantages of Nova Immune Renewal.

Check it out here:

"You’ve probably heard that, on average, breast-fed babies are healthier, and even smarter, than babies who aren’t breast-fed.

But do you know why?

There are lots of reasons – but one of the big ones is colostrum, the so-called “first milk” that is produced by the mother for a few days after giving birth. As we all know, the first days of an infant’s life are crucial, and anything that happens during this period has the potential to set the stage for lifelong health outcomes.

In light of that, we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that colostrum contains special protective factors that help stabilize the baby, and prime it for good health in both the short and long term.[2] That’s why colostrum is prized as an especially nutritive food (or supplement).

Immune Revival! Soul Performance Colostrum and Lactoferrin

However, babies aren’t the only ones who can benefit from colostrum. It’s increasingly taken as a supplement by adults as well. Add in the powerful protein molecule lactoferrin, and you have an incredibly powerful — yet simple — immunity supplement. And that’s exactly what we get from Soul Performance Nutrition Nova Immune Revival."


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