PricePlow: "A Sleep Aid For The Soul"

PricePlow: "A Sleep Aid For The Soul"

Our friends over at PricePlow wrote an amazing article breaking down our new sleep aid Oasis Midnight Dream.


Here is a short preview of the article:

"Soul Performance Nutrition Oasis Midnight Dream is a uniquely crafted sleep aid that’s built to help you unwind, recharge, and come back stronger the next day. It’s effective in the evening but also in the morning, designed to help you awaken refreshed."

"With two NuLiv Science ingredients — both at double the usual dose in Oasis Midnight Dream — you can tell that Karich cares. We dig deep in the Zylaria inside, which combines with other herbs, adaptogens, amino acids, and magnesium glycinate to induce relaxing sleep without nasty side effects."

"Soul may be new, but a new brand doesn’t mean an untested brand – quite the opposite, in fact. All of Soul Performance Nutrition’s supplements are BSCG Certified, meaning that they’re tested for banned substances and can be used by drug-tested athletes."

"There’s no melatonin in this one either, so you can use it for long periods of time without concerns of exogenous hormones."

Check out the PricePlow link below to read the entire


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