Theobroma cacao

Theobroma cacao

Known as "food of the gods" cacao beans have been consumed for thousands of years often being roasted and processed into everyone's favorite, chocolate.

Beyond its good taste there might be another reason chocolate is so irresistible. Cacao beans are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants such as flavanols, polyphenols, and xanthines that not only support health benefits but elevate mood as well.

The rich flavanol content in cacao can have heart health benefits. Cacao seems to boost nitric oxide levels in the body that can improve blood flow and support a reduction in blood pressure. The antioxidant action of cacao flavanols can also support healthy cholesterol and inflammation levels. These factors together can lead to improved cardiometabolic health.

These same nitric oxide boosting properties can also support improved brain function. Increased blood flow in the brain has been shown to increase mental performance. The antioxidant properties of cacao sound support neuroprotective benefits that aid and preserve brain function.

Cacao also contains caffeine and theobromine. Together these can give the stimulating and mood boosting feelings chocolate is sometimes is known for. Theobromine is sometimes added to dietary supplements in small amounts to increase their stimulant effects. Although it us usually known as an energy boosting ingredient it may support anti-inflammatory and the cardiovascular system. 

Most of the benefits come from high percentage content dark chocolate. Its bitter flavor can tip you off that it has increased nutrients over lighter chocolates. You will often see cacao extract standardized to levels of polyphenols or theobromine included in some dietary supplements. 

Our Essence Active Greens features cacao as part of the superfood Phytonutrient Blend.

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