Advanced Cellular Regeneration

Advanced Cellular Regeneration

Energy, endurance, and recovery - these are some common words that come to mind when looking to improve training and athletic performance. Anytime you can simultaneously support natural energy and a reduction in muscle damage from exercise, that might peak your interest.

Senactiv® is a proven ingredient shown to support muscle energy and regeneration by boosting citrate synthase activity, clearing senescent cells from exercised muscles, and reducing inflammation due to high intensity exercise. It is a 100% natural compound from the ingredient manufacturer NuLiv Science composed of two highly purified and fractionated extracts from Panax notoginseng and Rosa roxburghii. 

Senactiv is backed by over 10 years of research and has the performance to really back it up. It has been shown to increase the production of citrate synthase, an enzyme that is responsible for producing more adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is commonly known as the powerhouse or energy currency of the cell. The human body utilizes it to power an incredible amount of biological processes, one of which being to power muscle contractions. 

Senactiv also seems to preserve insulin receptors and glucose transporters in muscle tissue. It has been shown in multiple clinical trials to increase energy levels, time to exhaustion, glycogen synthesis and reduce inflammatory response to intense and extended exercise.

One of the more interesting features of Senactiv is its ability to act as a senolytic and support a reduction of senescent cells in muscle tissue. This basically means it can promote the removal of old worn muscle cells and replenish the muscle with new healthy cells. This again helps to improve endurance and recovery by accelerating the repair and regeneration of exercising muscle cells.

Because of its positive effects supporting energy production and cellular renewal Senactiv may not only support athletic performance and recovery but also healthy aging. Perform longer, recover faster, age better - all packed into a single ingredient.

Our Electrolyte Endurance Powder features Senactiv to support sustained endurance and performance. 

Senactiv® is a registered trademark of NuLiv Science USA Inc.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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