Stack3D: "Soul Performance continues its strong formulation reputation into beauty"

Stack3D: "Soul Performance continues its strong formulation reputation into beauty" previewed our new collagen supplement Bliss Revitalize Collagen and this is what they had to say:

"Soul Performance Nutrition has been an impressive supplement company to watch and grow since its first product, Electrolyte Endurance Powder, as it genuinely hasn’t put a foot wrong with each of its follow-up releases. The brand has earned the reputation of putting together premium and packed out formulas, and now we can confirm that will remain the case in its next supplement, Bliss Revitalize Collagen.

Bliss Revitalize Collagen is Soul Performance Nutrition’s rejuvenation or beauty product, and it has a whole host of ingredients to take on the growing category from a number of different angles. The supplement has yet to be made available for purchase, but it will be soon, and below you can see all of the ingredients and dosages the brand is bringing together for what will be its fourth overall premium product."

"Soul Performance Nutrition has designed Bliss Revitalize Collagen to support hair, skin and nail health, enhance joint function and comfort, and improve your overall complexion and appearance. The formula powering Bliss Revitalize Collagen kicks off with a hefty 12g of collagen and 250mg of the premium Astrion to additionally improve your body’s natural, internal production of collagen.

Bliss Revitalize Collagen also comes with 50mg of the branded Dermaval superfood blend, a gram of tremella mushroom, 100mg of tryptophan, 250mg of turmeric, high-quality TRAACS minerals, and to improve absorption of the formula, a full 50mg of AstraGin. The comprehensive, advanced beauty supplement will be available soon through the Soul Performance Nutrition website at a suitable $49.99 for a tub of 25 servings in the one Milk Tea flavor."

Article quoted from Stack3D:

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