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Nexus Peptide Complex™

Nexus Peptide Complex™

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Train More, Recover Faster*

Boost Muscle Strength, Recovery, and Power

PeptiStrong™: The body’s natural muscle builder, offers 5 clinical benefits in one 2.4g dose. It increases muscle synthesis, reduces muscle breakdown, inflammation and supresses myostatin while increasing energy.*

Product Features

PeptiStrong™ works via MTOR and Phospho-S6 pathways to increase muscle synthesis, reduce muscle breakdown via Atregin and MURF1, increases ATP release at mitochondria and increase recovery.* Cell-signaling peptides are intelligent ingredients; they go beyond nutrition and instruct the natural pathways in your body to help it function at its best.*

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, take 5 capsules daily (1 serving) preferably on an empty stomach.

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